Modern Educational Institutions

Where there is charity; there is divinity!

Dear Students and Friends!

You know very well how 'Modern Educational Institutions' have been flourishing and serving the student community for the last 14 years by providing transparent standards in the field of education.

You know that a number of students now a days are unable to go through their studies, only due to lack of money, though they are intelligent. There are some diseased and depressed people who are away from medical aid. We also see how some old people are suffering due to lack of money and affection from their sons or daughters with unexplainable hearts.

Modern institutions have found all this and decided to cut down these sufferings to some extent, so that "Modern Foundation" was started to extend a hand to the poor and the needy to enlighten the mournful lives.

We wish you take a part in this holy mission and extend us your monitory help and heartily co-operation to our effort to help the poor students, the persons who need medical help and sufferers in the old age.

Mahesh. Ch

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