Director's Message.

It gives me extreme pleasure to say that we at MODERN have come a long way in achieving what we have today. The road to a society full of well groomed and disciplined children with wonderful knowledge is not far. We have traversed a path that is leading us to such society. At Modern Institutions we carefully train the children to be complete individuals who can do wonders in whatever field they choose.

In our country many children are under privileged and cannot access schools. But at modern schools, a child is not deprived of education if he cannot afford pay. Here we provide education that trains the children to make careers and not just earn money through any means thus succeeding in paving way for a better society. Our students gain social awareness and decide on their own to contribute to making lives of the depressed better.

I am proud of my students who have donated one lakh rupees to GUJARAT EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS and TSUNAMI VICTIMS. Taking their charities further, the students collected and donated Twenty Five Thousand Rupees for a Heart Operation to a poor child thereby giving a new life to her. Our students feel for the poor who come forward to pay for the poor students. I take this opportunity to appeal to all the old students to come forward and contribute to the fund for the poor that is used to educate the needy children.